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From custom designs to mission-critical hardware, MRS Technologies provides the immaculate hardware development services that you need!

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Experience the fine blend of technology and innovation

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As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and the brain behind our intricate circuits, MRS Technologies has been proving its mettle in the niche of hardware development for the past 20 years. With a reputation built in a breadth of industries such as smart homes, energy management, and vehicle electronics, our hardware development processes extend from schematic design to prototyping to series production.



Research and analysis

At the core of our hardware designs exists thorough research and analysis, that lay the foundation of our modern, reliable, and rugged hardware.


Technical specification and circuit design

Ranging from low to high level in complexity, MRS Technologies build intricate yet reliable circuits to match your business requirements.


Simulation and validation

Before finalizing the circuit designs for component placement and PCB layout, we use state-of-the-art simulation software to validate them beforehand.


Component placement and DFM/DFA

After circuit finalization, the MRS Technologies hardware experts perform component placement.


PCB layout and simulations

As a next step, our hardware experts design PCB layout using the latest OrCAD PCB Editor Professional.


Prototyping and testing

To allow your product to launch in the market faster than your competitors, our experienced hardware team performs rapid prototyping techniques.


Assembly and series production

MRS Technologies has a credible name in the industry as we allow you to scale the production without having you worried about product quality and availability of components.


Cost economical solutions 

Cost economical solutions 

Conducting a comparative cost analysis of reusable components, we ensure a minimum production cost before the design is sent into series production. 

Reliable designs 

Reliable designs 

Considering how important parameters like stability, safety, and optimal performance are for a product, we offer highly reliable solutions built using the latest technology.

Quality testing  

Quality testing  

Utilizing the best practices of quality assurance, we conduct exhaustive prototyping and testing before mass production - just so that you receive a product that is flawless. 

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