Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Updated: May 17, 2023


    MRS Technologies (also referred to as 'We') is committed to protecting user (also referred to as 'You') privacy and personal data (also referred to as 'data' or 'information') while ensuring a seamless user experience. This page covers the details of how we collect, utilize, and protect your personal data.

    Your data

    This section covers the details of the types of data we collect automatically and that based on your submissions. This also discusses about your data collected by third-party platforms.

    Data we collect automatically

    We may collect some data automatically to provide better user experience and for marketing purposes. This data can include some or all of the following:

    Data you provide

    We may collect the data you provide while filling out online forms or providing feedback. This data includes some or all of the following:

    • User behaviour data, for example, website usage, session time, and the type of content consumed.
    • Clickstream data.

    Data collected by third-party platforms

    Any third-party platforms integrated with the website may collect and process your data to function correctly.

    • Your Name, Email, Phone Number, and other contact details.
    • Entries of the online forms

    How we may use your data?

    Following are the reasons why we may use your data:

    Marketing purposes

    • To create marketing strategies and campaigns
    • To assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies
    • To collect data for the Customer Services team

    User experience enhancements

    • To improve user experience of the website based on your submissions via online form(s)
    • To improve our provided services
    • To respond to your queries

    Legal obligations

    • To conform with the legal obligations
    • To avoid illegal activities like spamming or hacking

    Third-party integrations

    • To help integrate the third-party software and services
    • To enable the third-party platforms for the required functionality

    MRS Technologies website is integrated with HubSpot. All the user submissions are made via forms and sent to HubSpot. This includes Name, Email, Message, and more. The procedures of data collection, modification, and storage comply with the HubSpot privacy policy .

    The data analytics tools including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Meta Pixel are integrated with the website. These tools collect the data for the calculation of engagement score for marketing purposes. The collected data is generic, maintaining the anonymity of the user.

    However, we hold no responsibility regarding the policies of data collection, modification, and storage carried out by these tools. These data processing procedures comply with the privacy policies of Google and Meta .

    Where do we store your data?

    We store your data submitted via forms in HubSpot. Your data is secured by the HubSpot security mechanisms to ensure that it is protected and utilized per requirements.

    How do we protect your data?

    We take into consideration the legal and technical procedures to keep your data protected from potential attacks, leaks, and misusage. To do so, we utilize the following methods:

    Access control

    Only authorized individuals of the company are able to access your data for usage. By 'usage,' we mean data collected for marketing purposes, communication with users, and other such purposes.

    SSL encryption

    Our website is secured via data protection mechanism of SSL (https) that encrypts your data during communication across the website.

    HubSpot security infrastructure

    The security infrastructure of HubSpot applies to the collection and processing of your data.

    How do we share your data?

    We may share your data to ensure the fulfillment of website functionalities and an enhanced user experience. The data may be shared with the service providers, third-party applications, and within the MRS Group. Your data may be transferred to the other companies in the MRS Group for administrative purposes. However, we ensure to keep the data transfer secure and protected.



    We use browser cookies to store your data and site activity. You can disable the cookies from your browser settings. However, do note that disabling all the cookie settings may affect your overall experience with the website. Apart from that, the third-party platforms or service providers integrated into the website may also use cookies to collect your personal data.

    Profiles in social media

    MRS Technologies website has its social media profiles linked to it. Upon navigating to the relevant social media accounts, your data is collected, modified, and stored as per the Privacy Policy of the specific platform. The links to relevant social media platforms along with their privacy policy are as follows:

    We respect your rights

    We abide by the standards to keep your data secured and protected. However, if you want us to erase your data from our records, email us at and we will get back to you.


    Following are a few important disclaimers about this privacy policy to keep into consideration:

    • We disclaim the responsibility for any actions of third-party platforms, service providers, and uncontrollable links like that of social media.
    • We disclaim responsibility for the authenticity of information and credentials provided by you.
    • We disclaim responsibility for any data misuse or loss caused by your failing to abide by the standard practices.
    • We disclaim responsibility for the misuse and loss of your data in the event of factors outside our control. These factors may include security breaches, hacking, or malicious attacks.

    Privacy policy

    We strive to deliver the best experience to our customers. Therefore, we may make changes to our privacy policy based on considerations and observations. As soon as any change is made, the updated privacy policy is published on the website right away.

    We recommend that you keep visiting this page to stay updated on the changes in the privacy policy. Your continued usage of the website and its services after the update of privacy policy will be considered as acceptance of these changes.

    Contact us

    In case of any questions or queries about this privacy policy, contact us at: .