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Embedded software development

Embedded software development services

Engage our embedded engineers to develop software that runs seamlessly on all your systems!

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Customized embedded solutions for superior performance

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Our embedded software development results in faster load times for your systems, greater security and stability in your products, and increased efficiency.



Embedded design services

Our engineers specialize in embedded systems design for integrated circuits, boards, sensors, and more.


Embedded firmware development

Experts at MRS have also developed firmware for a variety of applications specialized in automotive, industrial controls, and IoT sectors.


Reusable components and over-the-air updates

Using a variety of well-tested and easily configurable modules, we provide highly efficient and rapid firmware development written in bare-metal C as well as Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).


Embedded HMI development

We develop customized and user-friendly Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that also support touchscreen or mechanical-based input and voice input.


Connectivity and data analytics solutions

Our embedded software development enables your product to capture data from various sensors and communication interfaces, and process and visualize it as live data and reports.


Firmware and compliance testing

With Test Driven Development (TDD), every unit and component is automatically tested via our CI/CD pipelines to meet the functional requirements of the product.


Highly robust firmware

Highly robust firmware

Stable and reliable firmware that ensures higher security, faster connectivity and storage, and optimized performance.

Top-quality code

Top-quality code

Get flawless code developed after rigorous testing that meets all your project requirements and compliance needs such as MISRA C, C++, etc.



From secure network protocols to data encryption and firewalls, we take all necessary measures to ensure your operations are always safe and secure.

Scalability & performance

Scalability & performance

Our code allows for feature scalability in your products while ensuring greater performance, ultimately resulting in long-term success for your business.

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