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MRS Summer Internship Program 2023

MRS Summer Internship Program 2023

Prepare for an unforgettable experience that will shape your future

Kickstart your career in technology

Gain hands-on training, work on cutting-edge projects, and learn from industry experts. Apply now and take the first step towards a successful career in IT!

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6 weeks

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Starting date

3rd July, 2023

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Haroon Riasat presenting his Internship work - MRS Summers Internship Program | MRS Technologies Pakistan
Group photo of Interns from MRS Internship Program 2022 | MRS Technologies Pakistan

Invest in your future with MRS Internship Program

Generous stipend

Generous stipend

Your learning deserves recognition and reward! Get Rs 40,000/- on the successful completion of the internship program.

Personal growth

Personal growth

Develop your soft skills, gain confidence, and discover your strengths as you navigate real-world challenges in a supportive environment.

Skill development

Skill development

Acquire in-demand technical skills through practical learning, hands-on experience, and collaboration with experts.

Networking opportunities

Networking opportunities

Connect with people working in your field, build valuable relationships, and expand your professional network.

Our selection process – what to expect


Application submission

It’s simple. Just fill in the form at the end of this page and attach your CV.


HR screening

Once you’re shortlisted, you will get a call from the HR department to confirm your basic details.


Final interview

Here, you can expect a detailed discussion about your skills, strengths, and qualifications.


Selection & onboarding

We’ll reach out to you to confirm your selection and welcome you to our team for an amazing experience!

Empower your future by acting today!

Apply to MRS Internship Program today and create your path to career success and fulfillment.

Calendar- Last Date to apply

Last date to apply

4th June , 2023

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